Upcoming Retreats & Special Events


Wild Heart Women’s Retreat

The Om Dome Eco Centre

Sep 27 at 4:30 PM – Sep 29 at 4:30 PM

This weekend invites you to reclaim the sacred space of your Heart and the Divine Feminine within. Together, women among women, we will explore our innate FIERCE power, whilst cultivating a nurturing relationship to our WHOLE selves and our own DIVINTY as women on this Earth.
Mandy and Natasha have designed this retreat with intention steeped in empowerment. Each active (external) and passive (internal) activity has a role in cultivating acceptance, love, and surrender. This weekend is meant to be an intensive experience, where we will disconnect from chronos (clock time) and explore time in nature, women’s circles, sound healing, yoga, meditation, fire ceremony, ecstatic dance, as well as in free time for reflection and self connection.
Alongside your daily activities, all meals will be beautifully crafted for you. These nutrient rich plant based meals will play an important role in fueling your body and mind along with your workshops and classes. There will be a limited number of on-site accommodations available, as well as space for students who would prefer to have an ‘Urban’ Retreat, driving to and from their home each day.
Please join us this Autumn, and come together as women in community. It is time to LET yourself be SEEN, HEARD, LOVED and EMBRACED. Let your divine feminine rise, and together we will uplift each other, opening into our WILD, boundless Hearts!


🌷 Your Retreat Includes 🌷

🍂 Welcome Tea & an Oracle Reading upon arrival
🍂 Opening Ceremony: Getting Clear on Your Intentions & Connections
🍂 Stay-cation or 2 nights under the stars in your choice of a tent or luxury yurt
🍂 All plant based meals are prepared on site, by Allison Orr of Wild Flours Baking
🍂 All Day Tea & Mid Day Apple Cider
🍂 Cozy Yurt Shala with a wood-burning stove for all yoga classes/workshops
🍂 5 Yoga Classes to reconnect you to your Divine Feminine & Wild Heart Within
🍂 Storytime & Sound Bath Meditation
🍂 Women's 'Hear Me Roar' Circle
🍂 Walking Meditation Hike with Drum & Songstress Singalong
🍂 Fire Ceremony
🍂 Ecstatic Dance
🍂 Unplugging as a way of energy activism (get your nature on)
🍂 Full access to nature grounds for silent reflection walks, meditation, adventuring
🍂 Reflective Journaling


Accommodation & Retreat Pricing



Accommodation costs are added to the overall investment - we have three choices:

  • Stay-cation, where you can drive in every day

  • Tent rental (10+ available)

  • Luxury yurt for two (only 1 is available)

Earlybird - ending July 20th: $378 + Accommodation choice (HST not incl.)

Regular Price: $432 + Accommodation choice (HST not incl.)