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Mindful-Functional Movement


Influenced by her mentors, peers, and personal path, Natasha creates a space where students can cultivate a deeper journey inwards. Through anatomical and sensory-integrated cueing, Natasha brings students in and out of postures safely, adorning shapes with healthy spinal awareness. With Natasha’s steeped intuition in the Chakras, she offers subtle body cues to unfold the expression of each posture with balance and stability.

Natasha's passion is in building creative sequences that invite lubricating movements for the joints and educated functional shapes for each student’s unique body profile. Natasha specializes in Sensory-Integration and Spinal Health.



what is mindful functional movement?

Yoga can be a transformative practice, and that’s exactly what it is: practice. When we practice bringing our attention to breath, we are learning how to come back home…to our body. Our breath is such an innate, wise tool that can be understood and honoured in a way that offers knowledge about what’s happening on the inside, be it physical, emotional, or spiritual. In my experience, yoga has helped me become more connected to my body, and in practicing this I have learned how to speak to my body, and even more important, how to listen to my body.


Roll out, Restore, Renew

Enjoy an internally focused yoga class, moving with mindful functional movement to strengthen core areas for spinal health and wellness, while exploring deep tissue stretches in both posture and Tune Up ball release. Tune Up Fitness Worldwide is a leader in Self-Care Fitness, often categorized as “Regenerative Fitness”, “Conscious Fitness” or “Prehab & Recovery.” Come roll out your tension, restore your energetic system, and renew your health.

Contract & Release

Enjoy the benefits of a Hatha practice. Begin with an active standing sequence focusing on awareness endurance and transitional strength building; finishing with nurturing restorative shapes, to unwind and release any attachments to pain and tension. Throughout the floor sequence, Natasha will offer Tune Up ball sequencing, focusing on dynamic and static range of motion exercises. These mindful movements target blind spots in the body, working to improve proprioception (body sense), interoception (physiological listening) and motor control (performance). 

Get in Flow

Have you been craving a deeper connection inwards lately? Discover your spiritual practice here! In class we will utilize the connective resources of meditation, whilst developing greater body awareness, and mindful contemplation. Natasha holds a space that is safe and secure for you to process what occurs both above and below your surface of consciousness. This will be a space for growth and personal development.








“A few months ago I was diagnosed with arthritis and Natasha had approached me about doing some one on one yoga classes. I was struggling with doing regular everyday activities and wasn't sure if I would be able to do many of the yoga poses. However, with Natasha's careful instruction and modifications I was able to move through my practice with ease and little to no discomfort. It was the first time in a long time that I felt like a human being again. A few months later, she suggested that I try Reiki and see how it made me feel. I've tried multiple modalities to try and find relief from my inflammation and stiff joints. I approached Reiki with an open mind. I became very self-aware throughout my treatment and Natasha was very intuitive throughout. I had been having a rather emotional week and before treatment began she asked me what'd I'd been going through. When the treatment came to a conclusion I felt lighter and energized. I, again, started to regain some human quality to my life. I would highly recommend Natasha to anyone looking for assistance in their health and well-being.”

– Ainsley S, Manager of Red House








Movement Coaching


Are you in pain daily? Are you working with an old or new injury? Or do you want to take your strength training to a new level? Let’s do a movement session! What you can expect from a coaching session:

  • I will run you through a series of structural strength assessments, created by Dr. Stu McGill, a world-renowned spinal specialist.
  • After evaluating your movement assessments, and incorporating any of your personal health goals, I will design a movement sequence/regime unique for your body profile
  • You will receive hands on cueing and adjustments
  • Leave with a take home sequence/regime as well as weekly homework exercises
  • And have access to my Accountability Mentorship Program

Movement coaching will be beneficial to those who are looking to build deeper body awareness, heal old/new injuries, and inspire the body for change and growth.



“My weekly one-on-one sessions with Natasha have become an absolute necessity. I have become so much more mindful and aware of my body. Her skill, knowledge, and intuition guide our sessions in a smooth and invigorating way. I always leave class feeling relieved of stress and in bright spirits. I highly recommend Natasha to anyone searching for a passionate and talented yoga instructor.”

– Meghan Weber, Mirror Form Photography


Corporate and Studio Classes


Numerous studies have shown that working out in the middle of your workday is not only beneficial to your health, it is also beneficial to your career! The many cognitive benefits of regular exercise, paired with exercising in a peak time of day - lunch – has shown a 15% boost in productivity, mental performance, and management skills.

Want to bring the benefits of functional movement and yoga to you and your team? Natasha can travel to your workplace and create a space for fluid functional movement, dynamic stretches, and grounding, energizing breath work. You can choose from 30, 45, 50, and 60 minute class lengths. A corporate class will involve creative sequencing, gentle adjustments, and props, with options for music and diffused essential oils.

*due to distance, the size and length of class, prices may range from $60-120. Class packages are available for discounted pricing. Please contact Natasha for further introduction and information.

Studio Classes

Whether you are looking to commit to a more routine practice or you simply want a space to drop into from time to time, you can Find Natasha teaching at Moksha Yoga Waterlooand Mill-Courtland Community Centre (Wednesday evenings 7-8pm) monthly, as well as The Guidonian Therapy Clinic for private group sessions (10-12 week programs).


Private Parties & Events


Are you and your friends interested in having a Wine & Divine night ? In this interactive night, you get to choose from a curated list of themes and activities. Always wanted to learn more about energetics, crystals, tarot, psychic mediumship? Why not make a party out of it? Invite your friends, bring some wine and food, and have an intimate night in with Intuitive and modern day Healer, Natasha Allain.

“I want to demystify clairvoyance, and energetic healing work. And, I want to make it more accessible to those who are interested in learning more.”

You choose a theme or a handful of activities, and Natasha will plan an info-packed, playful, and mind opening night in. Pour the wine, let’s talk divine.

Some of these activities are longer than others, so there is a lot of opportunity for creative planning, and putting together a unique party. Every event will begin with a smudging, followed by a brief introduction to energy work and mediumship, and a little about my path. Every person will leave with a hand selected crystal as well as a promo code towards any of my services (see service section for more information).

Due to the individuality of each event, the prices will vary dramatically. For pricing, please select a group of activities you are interested in and provide Natasha withe the number of participants. Within 48 hours, Natasha will respond back with an estimated pricing for your personal Wine and Divine event!

Themes & Activities

One-on-One Readings

  • Rune Readings

  • Intuitive Readings

  • Crystal Consultation

Yoga Sessions

  • Hatha

  • Restorative

  • Rock ‘n’ Roll Tune Up

Learn & Play

  • Introduction to Archetypes – costume required

  • Introduction to the Chakras –for the paired activity, you may choose to explore the chakras with movement, aromatherapy, crystals, sound resonance, or more than one.

  • Introduction to crystals and crystal gridding

  • Introduction to crystals – make your own mala or crystal jewelry piece (bracelet and wire wrapped pendants)

  • Introduction to essential oils - make your own ‘essential blend’

  • Introduction to Sound Exploration and song weaving activity – no musical talent or experience needed*

Guided Meditations

  • Manifestation meditation and visual activity

  • A guided imagery for meeting your power animal

  • Reiki meditation


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