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Animal Intuitive Reiki Healing

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Is your pet distressed or skittish? Does your pet suffer from separation anxiety? Does your pet have behavioural habits that you would like to change or would you like your pet to be more affectionate? I would love to spend some time with your pet and work to bring more balance and homeostasis to their energetic system, while translating some of their needs to you.

Sliding Scale of $50-85/session

What is Animal Intuitive Reiki?

I prefer performing sessions in your home where your pet can feel safe and comfortable. However, meeting at a favourite park or play space is welcome as well. Every session is unique, as is every person and pet.

Some sessions may last 10 minutes, where others may last 40 minutes. Some sessions will unfold as more of a meet and greet from a distance, where your pet may receive Reiki from the other side of the room (felines tend to be a bit more cautious of new guests). Whereas other sessions may involve your pet lounging on me or beside me as we connect hand to fur. All connections are important in the building of trust and rapport between healer and student. And all sessions, regardless of proximity or physical touch, will leave an impact on your pet.


Intuitive-Reiki Healing


Impacted by Shamanic ceremony, archetypal exploration, and the energetic healing system of Sensei Usui, Natasha brings her own medicine bag of tools to session. As a Felt-Sense Intuitive, Reiki & Resonance practitioner, Natasha works closely with the major and minor Chakras, Meridian Lines, and subtle body responses. In session Natasha will use the vibrational frequencies of sound as well as crystals and semi-precious stones to create a harmonizing effect within the energetic centers of the body. With Natasha’s extensive understanding of the anatomical body, she may also bring gentle massage and manipulation into session to compliment energetic, psychological, and physical release.

For 45-90 minute sessions: sliding scale of $65-150/session

What is Intuitive Reiki healing?

Reiki is a healing technique, developed in Japan, where the therapist will act as a channel for energy, connecting with the patient’s energetic system. Reiki healing will activate the natural healing processes of the patient's body and restore physical and emotional well-being. Intuitive Reiki includes messages and wisdom passed through the channel from client, guides, or alternative mediums.


"For a while I had been a regular client at my Naturopath’s clinic, trying to attain the proper diet and nutrition in order to battle chronic fatigue and various side effects from medication. I received multiple allergy elimination techniques over the course of two years, and these left me feeling cared for. Eventually, however, I couldn’t continue attending treatments and my health came to a plateau. In the fall of 2016 I reached out to Natasha and booked a Reiki-Intuitive session. The treatment began, and I felt incredibly relaxed right from the beginning. Natasha was very attuned to my needs and seemed to know who I was; that allowed for some youthful feelings to surface back to my consciousness. My first session inspired clarity and insight towards lessons I had learned earlier on in life, but became disconnected from, as time has gone on. I would like to share that out of all my Naturopathic appointments and treatments, I never came out of them feeling the way I did after session with Natasha. I left session with Natasha feeling awake and personable. I will continue to heal by means of Reiki as much as I can."

- Rob Williams, Sole Proprietor of Nutrientdense


Crystal Therapy


At the beginning of session we may discuss areas of tension or pain, and any emotional or spiritual things that are happening/have occurred in your life. Session will begin either sitting in a chair or laying down on a massage table. Your practitioner will help to induce a deep state of relaxation (i.e. massage, Reiki, tuning forks and sound resonance) before placing crystals on or around your body. During session you may experience sensations of tingling, tension, opening, warming or cooling. You may feel more relaxed, calm, light, heavy, full, grounded. You may be able to let go, open up, restore, and awaken. In theory, this is caused by the shifting energies within your body. I would like to add that these shifts occur, in tandem with crystal therapy, because there is a will for healing. Beginning with the mere intention to shift your energy, the laying down on my healing table, and the surrendering of your vessel, could be enough to allow those energetic shifts to happen.

For 45-90 minute sessions: sliding scale of $65-150/session

What is Crystal Therapy?

Crystal therapy is an ancient healing system – spanning back as far as the Egyptian times - that functions with the patient’s energetic (subtle body) experience, through the precise placement of crystals on the body and throughout the surrounding space.

Crystal therapy, like Reiki, is a non-invasive, relaxing, and natural process. Whether you believe in the physical healing properties of crystals or not, the therapy itself will offer you an opportunity to lay back, relax, and turn your focus inwards, exploring your subtle body. This gentle integrative therapy will act as a platform for improved physical, emotional, and spiritual health.


Private Parties & Events


Are you and your friends interested in having a Wine & Divine night ? In this interactive night, you get to choose from a curated list of themes and activities. Always wanted to learn more about energetics, crystals, tarot, psychic mediumship? Why not make a party out of it? Invite your friends, bring some wine and food, and have an intimate night in with Intuitive and modern day Healer, Natasha Allain.

“I want to demystify clairvoyance, and energetic healing work. And, I want to make it more accessible to those who are interested in learning more.”

You choose a theme or a handful of activities, and Natasha will plan an info-packed, playful, and mind opening night in. Pour the wine, let’s talk divine.

Some of these activities are longer than others, so there is a lot of opportunity for creative planning, and putting together a unique party. Every event will begin with a smudging, followed by a brief introduction to energy work and mediumship, and a little about my path. Every person will leave with a hand selected crystal as well as a promo code towards any of my services (see service section for more information).

Due to the individuality of each event, the prices will vary dramatically. For pricing, please select a group of activities you are interested in and provide Natasha withe the number of participants. Within 48 hours, Natasha will respond back with an estimated pricing for your personal Wine and Divine event!

Themes & Activities

One-on-One Readings

  • Rune Readings

  • Intuitive Readings

  • Crystal Consultation

Yoga Sessions

  • Hatha

  • Restorative

  • Rock ‘n’ Roll Tune Up

Learn & Play

  • Introduction to Archetypes – costume required

  • Introduction to the Chakras –for the paired activity, you may choose to explore the chakras with movement, aromatherapy, crystals, sound resonance, or more than one.

  • Introduction to crystals and crystal gridding

  • Introduction to crystals – make your own mala or crystal jewelry piece (bracelet and wire wrapped pendants)

  • Introduction to essential oils - make your own ‘essential blend’

  • Introduction to Sound Exploration and song weaving activity – no musical talent or experience needed*

Guided Meditations

  • Manifestation meditation and visual activity

  • A guided imagery for meeting your power animal

  • Reiki meditation


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