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Intuitive Rune Casting 


In this Intuitive Rune Casting, Natasha will facilitate a dynamic rune pull, where she will break down each rune in its collective, revealing the overall theme of your casting. Rune casting is not your everyday “fortune telling” session, instead, the Runes are revered for providing you with wisdom held deep within your subconscious. Everything you need to know is already within you, the Runes will simply pick up the phone and dial a connection.

3 Rune Spread - For Insight, 45 min - $50

5 Rune Spread - For Insight & Direction, 75 min - $80


What are the Runes?

The Viking Runes are some of the most ancient oracles, originating back to Norse mythology in the 5th century.

Know thyself” is the motto of the Runes. The Runes are a teacher and a powerful source of guidance. They are not a fortune teller or a seer of all that is - they are simply a medium or a bridge, if you will - used to communicate wisdom between yourself and your Higher Self. When we pray, seek out information, or ask for what we need, we are exercising our own oracular abilities, reaching out to a Source - our Knowing Self - within.



Markets, Private Parties & Special Events


You choose a theme or a handful of activities, and Natasha will plan an info-packed, playful, and mind opening night in. Pour the wine, let’s talk divine.

  • Need some inspiration for planning an event?

  • Want to make your birthday party more meaningful?

  • Are you and a handful of your friends interested in an intimate night in?

Get some ideas from Natasha’s curated list or reach out with your ideas. Together, we will make this an experience you won’t forget.



  • Corporate Events

  • Markets & Festivals

  • Birthday Parties

  • Bachelorettes

  • Moon Gatherings

  • Socials & Casual nights in

One-on-One Readings

  • Rune Readings

  • Intuitive Readings

  • Crystal Consultation


  • Flow - funky & fun

  • Restorative - relax & chill

  • Hatha - best of both worlds

  • Dancing Yoga

  • Conscious & Ecstatic Dance Party

Learn & Play

  • Archetypes

  • Chakras

  • Crystal Gridding

  • Crystal Adornment - make your own mala or bracelet

  • Essential Oils - make your own ‘essential blend’

  • Sound Healing with Crystal Singing Bowls

  • Guided Meditation & Visualizations