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I am here to serve and would be honoured to join you on your journey. The question is where do YOU want to go?

Happiness is a birthright and in my profession as a healer it is my greatest desire to reach as many people as I can. In this, I want to make these beautiful services accessible to all. If my service pricing does not fit within your available means, please see our Resiliency Scholarship.




It is my desire to walk alongside anyone who is ready and willing to welcome change and growth into their life. If you are ready for transition but fear that you cannot afford to put your body’s health and wellness in front of paying your monthly bills, please apply for the Hands of Fire Resiliency Scholarship.

In your application, please submit a short piece of writing, where you can share your story (as little or as much as you feel comfortable), touching upon what lead you to the present and why you believe energy work will bring you the healing you are seeking. And lastly, share what you will do with your new found health and awareness. In your application, please highlight which modality you would like to explore. All applications will be read and answered in a timely fashion.


I have experienced yoga and Reiki with Tasha. Her gentle and energy infused touch offers deep relaxation and space for insight and reflection. I have trust, love and admiration for the work that she does and highly recommend her to any and all! Professional, caring and consistent. Can’t get any better.
— Sarah Gartung