What will United Medicine's Ecstatic Dance be like?


Together We

Practice our sense of security.
Practice empathy and care for ourselves and each other and the greater ecosystem at play.
Practice non judgement for self and other.
Practice holding both shadow and light.
Practice releasing “good” or “bad” and inviting the entire cycle and context to be witnessed and held in each emerging moment.

There will be a two hour DJ Set from the wild, earthy and powerful tunes of the Sisters of the South, Reba & Tasha. Feel free to bring your drums! We will end the evening with a crystal singing bowl sound bath enriched with co-created singing and chanting, and then bring the evening to a close with circle.

7:30 pm- Ceremony Starts Promptly
8:00 pm- Short Guided Warm Up & Dance
10:00pm- Closing Soundbath & Closing Circle
10:30pm - Final hugs, laughs and connections

Where: The Church of the Good Shepherd @ 116 Queen St N, Kitchener, ON

How much: $20 Struggling / $25 Got some income flow / $30 Got a little extra to spare for others who can’t

If our sliding scale is out of your range please reach out! We have energy exchange options & would rather you be there!

Join us in United Medicine as we come together again to create a connective, wild, inclusive and powerful ecstatic dance experience. The dance floor is a place to play, perform, connect, try on, explore and create space as a larger community to accept the parts of us that all connect to the unique expressions of our humanity.

natasha allain