Usui's Secret Method to Inviting Happiness

In my practice, both spiritual healing AND energy healing are integrated in relationship with Reiki. Usui Sensei, the founding Master Teacher of Reiki, designed simple principles to help guide humanity in walking their Heart Path. These Five Reiki Precepts introduce us to what Usui believed to be the gift of Reiki’s endless spiritual journey.

The first stage of enlightenment, according to Usui Sensei, is remembering that we are purpose created. Our self-realization begins when we surrender to the flow and guidance of the Universe. Usui Sensei believed that the five precepts are the secret method to invite happiness, and even more, the medicine for all diseases of body and soul. Each precept begins with the statement “just for today,” which presents the importance of being in the present moment, for it is here in the present that we are able to learn what we need to learn and put it into practice.
natasha allain