Distance Healing


A fair amount of my healing practice incorporates distance healing. I would define Distance Healing as any healing, offered by a practitioner, that occurs when a student is not physically present with the practitioner. If you are unsure of what that would look like, here are some of my distance healing services:

  1. I offer an Integration Program - to help students create the shifts they need - where distance healing is used during the accountability check-in.

  2. I use distance healing when I sit at my altar and sing a prayer for a student or loved one.

  3. And, I offer long distance Intuitive-Reiki sessions, where I provide a detailed report with findings, messages, and homework. A student can also choose to enjoy their distance healing session over the phone or skype, and there we can speak in present time. 

So how does it work?  

Just like in-person healing sessions, the practitioner will open up to their channels and allow healing effect to flow where it is needed. Distance does not interfere with reception or potency. However, the recipient must be willing to accept the treatment or the energy will not affect them. Reiki is a non-invasive form of healing.

Following the Hermetic Law of Similarity, we are all energy matter - a part of a larger whole - and we are all connected. We are more than just our physical bodies; we have emotions, thoughts, and spirit - other levels of energy - that exist both separately and in tandem with our physical self. To simplify things, we have an energy body, too. Our energy body is made up of an energetic field (Aura) that surrounds the energy centers (Chakras) and pathways (Meridians). And like our physical body, our energy body requires nourishment to maintain a balance in function.

Under the Reiki tradition of Sensei Usui, there are three levels of study. Level One initiates the student to the flow of universal energy - Reiki - and asks the student to spend some time inwards, exploring and filling their own body with Reiki healing. In Level Two, the student becomes the practitioner, and here they are given three sacred symbols that work to direct energetic flow with purpose and intention, one of which is named the “Distance Symbol”. This symbol allows for healing beyond the restrictions of time and space. With this symbol, a practitioner can heal beyond space, facilitating a healing session from long distance, while they can also heal beyond time, unpacking stories and wounds from the past (this includes traumas and wounds from this lifetime and beyond - but that’s a different post for later).

I'll admit, after learning the third symbol I was skeptical during my first attempts at long distance healing. I was at my beginner's mind again, feeling vulnerable, nervous, and close minded. There are many ways to approach distance healing, and I would encourage any practitioner to make their practice unique and authentic to their own gifts. I was taught to use a picture of the person I want to work on, or use a doll as a medium, however I find uttering my student's name and pulling their face up in my mind is enough.

Once I open my channels and bring a student to mind, my hands will begin to flow and I will receive what looks like a video of my hands on the student's body at specific areas. Here I will receive information on whether there's an energetic imbalance or physical dis-ease (sometimes it's both), or a memory/emotion stuck in that space. Sometimes I will see guides or animals and hear whispers of messages or lines repeated over and over again, "you are enough, you are enough". These are findings that I would share over the phone/skype or provide in a detailed report at the end of session.

As I completed my case studies for Level Two, I gained more clarity and confidence in distance healing. I would have some students ask me questions like, "were you just at my right shoulder?" or "I can feel tingling in my feet", "I feel warmth around my head". And, indeed, those would be the areas my 'psychic hands' would be. Following distance healing sessions, my students express (sometimes in surprise) feeling relaxed, grounded, open, empowered, free from pain. And sometimes, a student's energetic and physical experience is even more powerful in distance healing because I am not physically present with them. Distance healing, just like intention setting or praying, works with the divine, to bring forth healing and healthy change. 

Interested in exploring this idea further? Let’s try a distance healing session!