Body Resilience


The tissues and organs of our body are fed by subtle energy, commonly known as bio energy. Interestingly, this energy flows from the central nervous system (CNS) up and down the spinal cord and into the brain. With this understanding, the nervous system plays a large role in perceiving and therefore shaping our physical, emotional, and energetic experiences.

The practice of hands on healing and touch is a modality that works to (down)regulate our nervous system, providing the recipient with a vessel conducive to recovering, healing, and expanding their daily experiences. Body resilience is for you if you are wanting support in integrating big experiences in your life, involving joy, love, grief, fear, shame, etc. Using both an energetic and manual approach, Body Resilience works closely with the Central Nervous System (CNS), directing subtle (bio) energy throughout your nerves, organs, and brain.

Similar to other body work (for example, osteopathy, massage, reflexology), Natasha will connect first to your physical body. Using a gentle touch, Natasha will use her felt-senses (intuitive sensory awareness) to go deeper than skin level, and explore beyond your fascia and muscles, gaining access to energy ‘roads’ (meridian lines) and the energetic cities (energy centers or chakras) that hold subtle information as well as emotional narratives and stories.

As your Body Resilience Guide, Natasha will translate what she hears from your body, share different images or feelings that she intuits, and she will work with physical movement techniques as well as energetic and emotional practices to transform, activate, move, and release subtle (bio) energy throughout your body.


Physical Techniques

  • Sweeping

  • Gentle massage

  • Acupressure pointing

  • Tapping (similar to EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique)

Energetic Practices

  • Mapping the meridian lines

  • Tuning fork resonance clearing

  • Bio-energy movement & alignment

Emotional Practices

  • Boundary setting

  • Narratives and stories held in the body

  • Shadow work

  • Attachment styles

Our biology is adaptable. One of Caroline Myss’s most captioned sayings is, “your biography becomes your biology”, meaning our emotional and energetic bodies have an inherent impact on our physical body.

  • Do you live with pain?

  • Do you carry trauma in your body?

  • Do you have unresolved patterns and habits that impact how you relate with others?

  • Are you disconnected from certain areas in your body?

  • Do you want to explore healing and personal work from a felt perspective, rather than an intellectualized approach?

  • Are you wanting to re write your biography?

You can change your life, one posture, one session, one pattern at a time. Are you interested?