The 7 Chakra Crystal Set - Hands of Fire Sacred Space Spiritual Line

Welcome to my Sacred Space Spiritual Line, it was inspired and designed with you in mind. As I have begun working with sacred space in my healing work - both personally and professionally - I have uncovered a world of presence, connection, and insight.

There are many ways we can create sacred space, for example: burning sacred herbs and woods, lighting an intention candle and saying a prayer, positioning crystals and/or working intentionally with crystals, vocal sounding and song weaving, drumming, etc.

With this 7 Chakra Crystal Set, we are working with crystal medicine and, more specifically, the power of vibration. Crystals can be used intentionally by placing them in our environment (around our home or work place), wearing them as jewellery adornments, or carrying them loose in our pockets. And when we spend time around the vibrations of these crystals, our electromagnetic field is impacted by this vibration and various aligned chakras will feel an impact.

This set of 7 crystals is a great beginner’s kit for those of you who are just starting to uncover the profound energetic centers in the body - the chakras - and are in search of a system that connects and relates one to these spaces. Additionally, this kit is a basic resource for crystal use as well as an addition to your crystal master library and growing tool box.

As you do your own reading about the crystals in your kit or simply acquire more knowledge about the chakras, you will find that certain crystals resonate with more than one chakra and can be helpful or harmonizing with a handful of centers. The Chakras that I have associated them with in your kit are merely beginning points for you to connect to and explore.

Connecting to Crystal Resonance

At a microscopic level a crystal is comprised of a network of repeating geometric patterns made up of ions, atoms, and molecules. And these geometric patterns have a corresponding vibration, current, and charge. When the charges within each center of the body are emitted, together, they create what physicists refer to as our electromagnetic field (also known as an aura).

This field is said to hold intuitive and energetic feedback regarding the health and/or balance of the person, plant, animal, or space. All things earth made are comprised of energy, and everything with energy vibrates. Right! So, the vibrations of the crystals resonate with different areas of the body which in turn can aid in bringing our awareness to the spaces we may be experiencing hyper activity, instability, blockages, or stagnation in.

How to use your Crystals

  • Keep the crystal(s) in your pocket, bag, pillow case, in your car, or work/living space.

  • Some crystals (most Quartz based crystals and stones) can be soaked in water to make an elixir and be drank for improved health. Please do not try before researching whether the stones you have are appropriate for consuming. Caution: there are stones that give off toxins when submerged in liquid.

  • Make your crystals into jewelry: wire wrapping a gem for a necklace, making a bracelet or earrings.

  • Print off a crystal grid from the internet, or get Natasha to design one for your body profile, and create your own crystal grid at home.

  • Meditate with a chosen crystal

  • Pick a crystal from a bowl to work with individually every morning.             

How to care for your Crystals

  • Rinse stones under running water

  • Leave to bask in the light of the Sun or Moon

  • Bury and allow the soil to restore its properties (one day and one night-three days and nights if it’s full)

  • Sage, cedar or Palo Santo smudge

  • Reiki clearing

  • Tuning fork or crystal bowl balancing

One of my favourite websites for crystal characteristics is At Crystal Vaults you will be able to read about the crystals first origins, where the names come from, and how they can be used for emotional, energetic, physical, and spiritual means. Enjoy your new crystal masters and remember: you already hold the ability to connect to these masters, close your eyes, go within, and connect.

Wine & Divine Nights

If you are looking to learn more about crystals and how to work with them, reach out to some of your friends who may be interested in learning more and together we can plan a 2-4 hour private event in your home. Wine & Divine nights are for you and friends to get the opportunity to learn and play, with the support and direction from Modern Medium & Intuitive, Natasha Allain! For more information on your next Wine and Divine night, send an email to