Rune Forecast for June

This month’s wisdom is brought to you by the Viking Oracle: Wisdom of the Ancient Norse.

For this forecast I pulled the Sacred Three-Card Draw, directing us on the:

Heart of the Matter, A Challenge, and A Direction to Move In


Quick Overview: Overall, the feeling of this reading is that you have all the wisdom and tools you need; the next step is just doing it. Get clear about what you want to manifest and then plant your seeds. Change and growth will happen gradually. This is a time of nourishment.

Heart Of The Matter - Perth

Perth asks you, “what is down to luck, and what is based on will?” Search your memory for the answer to your situation/question; you have had experience with this issue before. This rune is linked to good luck and fortune; it seems you may be coming into some.

Perth is said to be ruled by the Norns, the female deities who carve the fate of the world into the bark of the Yggdrasil tree while feeding it with the flowing Waters of Wyrd (destiny). This rune nudges you, reminding you that nothing is set in stone, we all experience a mixture of fate, luck, and free will. As we consider how to shape our lives, we can choose to push against fate or move with it.

The Challenge - Thor

The God, Thor, was born of Earth Goddess Jord and the Great Father Odin. Thor was the strongest of all immortals, known for his hot temper, and drive for action in what he believes. His presence is here to support you in a time of unknowns. The time for action is now - hesitate no more! As the God of Storms, Thor embodies qualities of both the masculine and the feminine, reminding you that you can be both forceful and sensitive and you are loved and protected.

A Direction To Go - Jera

Jera brings forward the harvest of your hard work: what you reap is what you sow. The Nords were people who lived off of the land; they understood that hard work combined with the organic cycles of development would bring forth a harvest. In this, they also believed in right action and saw right action as a deserving reward, different from karma, and more simple in reaping what we sow. Jera asks you to consider what has been planted and what will be harvested? In this perspective, Jera looks to the future and reminds you that our actions today and every day count.

Additional Tools for this Forecast

Connect to the elements of Water and Earth this month. Some crystals that could be helpful are Lapis Lazuli, Labradorite, Carnelian, Tiger’s Eye, Black Tourmaline, Rose Quartz, and Citrine.