Your Reiki Self Cleansing Meditation

In February I began a nine month path of initiation into the world of Reiki Mastery - and ultimately, Self Mastery - as I acquire more clarity and tools for my Medicine Bag as a Student, Healer, and Teacher. 

This meditation is a traditional Reiki Light Meditation, taken from the Gendai. You can use this meditation as a tool when you feel pulled to clear your energy, purify your channels, connect inwards, and embody the healing light of Reiki.

And ~ GOOD NEWS ~ you don't need to be initiated into the Reiki lineage for Reiki to flow through my hands and into yours during this meditation. As an ambassador of Reiki Light, I have asked Reiki to flow throughout this meditation and remain present with each individual as they open their hearts and souls to this healing light meditation.

Put some ear buds in, find a still place, and close your eyes. Allow another universe to unfold around you - creating your self healing sanctuary. 

If you feel pulled to share anything that came through your channels or if any questions arise, please feel free to comment and engage below.