Voice Exploration & Songweaving


What Occurs in a Voice Exploration and Song Weaving Session

Beginning with a mindful meditative practice, your practitioner will encourage you to step into your deepest sense of Self. This opening practice is meant to fully embody the unification of body, mind and spirit – all subsections of your experience will play an important role in session. Your practitioner will encourage a tall spine and inspire postural cues to maintain sound from a place of integrity.

Present in body, your practitioner will guide you through an explorative chakra chant. Here you will work on shaping and weaving sacred vowel sounds, identifying where in your body they light up and fill. This exercise will ready your intuition and ask for a theme or word to come forward for session. You may choose to work with an accompaniment, be it percussion, guitar, drone, ambient sounds, or you may want to sing over the delicate stillness of space.

You will begin with a sentence and allow it to morph into a different line, arrangement, or rhythm of sound. There are no restrictions; this is the space for vulnerability. At the meeting point of vulnerability and sound, you will uncover the story of song. It is important to note that not all song weaving is self-centered, there may be certain songs that surface from past lives, lineage, or those around you. This may be some of the most intimate intuitive work you have ever experienced. Session will close with a final Om, followed by a healing sound bath savasana lead by your practitioner.

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