Animal Intuitive Reiki

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I have had a unique connection with animals since I was a child. I remember people warning me, “oh don’t be offended if Fluffy doesn’t want pets, she’s not a people person” and then low and behold, little Natasha would melt the heart of a grump granny cat and all would be astonished. As a child, all I knew was that I loved animals and they loved me. I was aware that if I got nervous, so did they. In reflection, I watch my child-self connecting with an animal’s energy, as we do with one another, and exchanging information. Just two souls walking along the same path.

And that’s why we love animals, right? Because they love us, and they want to share adventures with us. Our pets care about how we are doing and they can tell when we are upset, excited, or out of sorts. Do you think you are able to tell when your pet is unhappy, excited, wanting space, needing love? And, even more, do you respect your animal’s wants and needs in balance with your own? It is important for me to add that I ask these questions not to challenge or shame you, but to open up the conversation, more and more, about consensual petting and animal heart-focused care. More on this later!

My Mission

I would like to step up as a Healer and Intuitive and act as a translator for our animal kingdom. I would like to spend time with your cherished pet, and while providing them with some Reiki infused pets and snuggles, hear from them what they are needing and wanting. From here, I would like to provide you with some insight into how your pet is feeling and any new techniques that may be helpful in deepening your connection of trust, love, and respect.

What is Animal Intuitive Reiki?

I prefer performing sessions in your home where your pet can feel safe and comfortable. However, meeting at a favourite park or play space is welcome as well. Every session is unique, as is every person and pet.

Some sessions may last 10 minutes, where others may last 40 minutes. Some sessions will unfold as more of a meet and greet from a distance, where your pet may receive Reiki from the other side of the room (felines tend to be a bit more cautious of new guests). Whereas other sessions may involve your pet lounging on me or beside me as we connect hand to fur. All connections are important in the building of trust and rapport between healer and student. And all sessions, regardless of proximity or physical touch, will leave an impact on your pet.

Reiki is a healing technique, developed in Japan, where the therapist will act as a channel for energy, connecting with the patient’s energetic system. Reiki healing will activate the natural healing processes of the patient's body and restore physical and emotional well-being. Intuitive Reiki includes messages and wisdom passed through the channel from client, guides, or alternative mediums.

Some results you can expect to see following a session: an increase in energy and playfulness, a decrease in body pain, a more balanced and calm mannerism, an increase in affection and overall happiness. After I close session with your pet, I will debrief with you and share any insight I may have. Please know you are the caretaker of your pet and all that I offer, humbly, is perspective. If you choose to move forward with any techniques or ways of approaching your animal with heart-focused care, know that this path will further the intimacy, trust and love you have with your animal. In my practice, we are in relationship with our pets; we adopt them into our kin.

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