Intuitive-Reiki Healing


Well, it’s no secret that everything in life requires balance. We all move through different waves, where our balance is on point, or at times, hard to feel. Today, in North America, we live in a time of mass connection and self-expression – we have multiple mediums to express ourselves – and yet so many of us experience dis-connection and an inability to articulate ourselves in a vulnerable manner. In response to our current state, I am grateful to look around and see people turning to higher agencies for guidance – yoga, meditation, alternative medicine, etc. – and even more, others are turning inwards. To quote one of my Reiki mentors, Frank Arjava Petter,

“There are many ways to aim the arrow of awareness towards your own center, and Reiki is just one of them. It is a perfect self-help system that adjusts to the user and requires no medium, regardless of whether you are a new-comer to the inner-world, a hard-boiled intellectual, a body-oriented yoga student, a housewife or a devotee.”


Reiki is a healing technique, developed in Japan, where the therapist will act as a channel for energy, connecting with the patient’s energetic system. Reiki healing will activate the natural healing processes of the patient's body and restore physical and emotional well-being. Intuitive Reiki includes messages and wisdom passed through the channel from client, guides, or alternative mediums.

What can Reiki offer you? What can Reiki bring to the world? 

Reiki brings us back in touch with our innate, all-pervading life energy; it teaches us how to love ourselves and, thus, others again. For some, Reiki is body-work, for others it is an alternative healing approach, or a basic meditation tool. Reiki can be offered to all individuals – children, adults, those who are conscious or unconscious – animals, spaces, and objects.

According to Indian, Tibetan, and Chinese philosophy – and recently, new modern science – we have uncovered an incredibly lively universe that is made up of energy. Reiki is one of many methods that can be used to activate, harmonize, and reconnect the Self with universal energy. It works with the nervous system, Hindu energy centers, major and minor chakras, the Chinese (TCM) meridian lines, and acupuncture points within the body.

Reiki knows no religion or dogma, Reiki does not discriminate or forcefully push it’s energy on you. Reiki is a wonderful non-invasive form of therapy that requires a student to simply consent to the healing light and love of Reiki.  Reiki does not require you to re-live traumatic experiences or find the words to articulate your feelings. Reiki will never ask you to go beyond your boundaries, unless you’re ready. People ask me what Reiki can offer them, and in extension, the world. This is what I share:

  • Reiki reminds me to live in the present, and in this present state I am able to experience more sensation and emotion. In this present moment, I am then given the gift of freedom from the concepts of good and bad, fears, and worry – I simply am.

  • With the help of Reiki I have began to love myself more fully, and with this developing Self-love I have been able to love others more fully. I have more compassion and interest in meeting people where they are instead of wanting or trying to change them. We are all but mirrors for one another.

  • And lastly, Reiki acts as a catalyst for my body’s ability to heal itself. The Body alone knows how to heal itself. Reiki simply brings more attention to certain areas and directs the body to healing.

*please note Reiki is not merely defined or confined by the points expressed above. I have learned fast to abstain from trying to scientifically explain the inexplicable. I can not begin to unfold half of what Reiki really is. And what is the need? Reiki doesn’t need a person to believe in it, for a person to feel impacted by its healing touch. Scientific demystification can (sometimes) be a long pathway towards control and fear. I encourage you to be open-minded and hearted, and have faith in what you may not be able to see. Feel more, and analyze less. Be vulnerable first, and rational with need.

energynatasha allain