Crystal Care & Practice


In the first experience of crystal therapy, the idea of working with a stone could seem intimidating or off-putting. However, with practice, we can come to relate to our crystals and stones through sensation-through vibrational and energetic feedback. I like to suggest an intention of connection between a new owner and an adopted crystal. There will be a period of syncing, where both the person and crystal are getting to know one another’s frequency and patterns. And just like humans, crystals can fill up and take on too much, so we need to care for and cleanse our crystals, just as we do ourselves.

Cleansing Techniques:

  • Rinse stones under running water
  • Leave to bask in the light of the Sun or Moon
  • Bury and allow the soil to restore its properties (one day and one night-three days and nights if it’s full)
  • Sage, cedar or Palo Santo smudge
  • Reiki clearing
  • Tuning fork or crystal bowl balancing

Practice Techniques:

  • Keep the crystal (s) in your pocket, bag, pillow case, in your car, or work/living space.
  • Some crystals (most Quartz based crystals and stones) can be soaked in water to make an elixir and be drank for improved health. Please do not try before researching whether the stones you have are appropriate for consuming. Caution: there are stones that give off toxins when submerged in liquid.
  • Make your crystals into jewelry: wire wrapping a gem for a necklace, making a bracelet or earrings.
  • Print off a crystal grid from the internet, or get Natasha to design one for your body profile, and create your own crystal grid at home.
  • Meditate with a chosen crystal
  • Pick a crystal from a bowl to work with, individually, every morning.
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