Natasha, a Modern day Healer, invokes energy tuning within the body through Reiki Healing, Mediumship & Spiritual Counsel, Past Life & Archetypal Exploration, Crystal Counselling, Mindful Movement & Dance, Divine Sound & Song



Specialized Education

Reiki Level I, II & Master Teacher with Shirley Lynn Martin of Feathers, Rainbows, and Roses

500+ hour Yoga Teacher Training, with Moksha Yoga International

Woman Within Weekend, with Woman Within International

Women’s Circle Facilitation Training, with Woman Within International

Sound Resonance Training, with Darren Austin Hall

Hypnotherapy Certification, with the Australian Success Academy

Bachelor of Arts in Research Specialist Psychology & Sociology, Wilfrid Laurier University

Facilitated Workshops & Events

Natasha aims to live a full and inspiring life, and will continue to expand her understanding and deepen her vision of a truly empowered path. With this, she leads her workshops and events with an authentic presence of body, mind, and spirit.

Awaken Your Moksha, Align Your Chakras; Moksha Yoga Waterloo

Spirit of Yoga and Sacred Movement; Fiddleheads

Sacred Movement of the Divine Feminine Winter; Fiddleheads

YOGLOW; Maxwell’s Concerts and Events

Sacred Movement and Sound Healing; Hands of Fire Studio

Co-Ed Circle; Hands of Fire Studio

Sound Healing & Meditation Circle; Hands of Fire Studio

Continued Education

The Perfect Pose Workshop, with Asia Nelson

Got Your Back Workshop, with Asia Nelson and Dr. Stu McGill

Core Intentions Workshop, with Tara Kachroo

The Prison Yoga Project Training, with James Fox

Sequencing in Vinyasa Practise and Teaching, with Rodney Yee & Colleen Saidman Yee

Beyond Addiction: The Yogic Path to Recovery, with Sat Dharam Kaur

Breathing, Biomechanics and Bandha, with Ray Long

Restorative & Thai Yoga Bliss Teacher Cert., with Paul Marrin & Nicole Ablack-Ramkay


Teaching Experience

Natasha works within a specific niche of Sensory-
integration & Spinal health, directed through a spiritual lens. And, it is in this approach, mindful-functional movement, that you will use your physical body in shape to access your emotional and spiritual experience in practice. You will leave session feeling more contained and grounded – through spinal strengthening and awareness – while deepening your inner connectedness through Self exploration.

Intuitive-Reiki, Crystal & Resonance Balancing

Impacted by Shamanic ceremony, Native roots, and the energetic healing system of Sensei Usui, Natasha brings her own medicine bag of tools to session. As a Modern Medium and Reiki Healer, Natasha works closely with the major and minor Chakras, Meridian Lines, and subtle body responses. In session Natasha will use the vibrational frequencies of crystal singing bowls, tuning forks, as well as crystal masters to create a harmonizing effect within the energetic centers of the body. With Natasha’s extensive understanding of the anatomical body, she may also bring gentle massage and manipulation into session to compliment energetic, emotional, and physical release and restoration.

Movement Coaching; Private & Group sessions

  • Define personal movement profile

  • Movement tests and assessments

  • Strength and containment training

  • Accountability Mentorship

The Golden Mean Wellness Shoppe

  • Movement Coaching

  • Intuitive-Reiki Sessions

  • Energetic Reading &  Crystal Consultation 

 Moksha Yoga Waterloo

  • Moksha's 60 & 90 minute sequences

  • Facilitated Live Music Moksha classes

University of Waterloo PAC

  • Mindful Movement  – blending functional movement yoga and mindful meditation

  • De-Stress Yoga

  • Yang-Yin

  • Yoga Roots, 10 wk. class package– beginner’s yoga from the ground up

  • Spirit of Yoga, 10 wk. class package – exploring the subtle body through movement, breath, and meditation.

Mills-Courtland Community Centre

  • Mindful Functional Movement