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Natasha, a Modern day Healer, invokes energy tuning within the body through Reiki, Bio Energetics, Mediumship & Spiritual Counsel, Sound Healing, Crystal Adornment, Mindful Movement & Dance


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 As a Healer, I want to create a space where you can cultivate a deeper journey inwards and uncover your empowered path.

So, I ask you now, where do you want to begin?


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I was drawn to Natasha from a group session, and I couldn’t explain it, but I felt called to make an appointment with her. My first meeting with Natasha was not at all what I expected. I felt movement in my physical body as well as energetic movement. I was quite ill after, I physically reacted in a very powerful way. Tears followed, and didn’t stop for a few days, as I am not a cryer, I was pretty shaken by the experience. I found myself honestly dealing with some old origin story work, although I thought I had through years of therapy. I had one follow up session and was comforted with such clarity with regards to letting go of past and current challenges. I am lighter - physically and emotionally. I believe with certainty that Natasha has an authentic gift.
— Maryanne Paul

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